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This is a place for me to simply write all the ideas I have for my RP forum, Naruto Beginnings, down without clogging it.
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 Faena Olivier

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PostSubject: Faena Olivier   Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:08 pm

Personal Info

Name: Olivier Faena
Alias: -
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 105lbs
Zodiac Sign: Libra, the Scales

Personality: Olivier is, on the surface, a rather sweet person. He often consents to helping others when they need it, and even donates his own creations to the needy so that they may have clothes that aren't threadbare. He smiles easily and laughs frequently, a picture of a kind and gentle person. However, this is just a facade that he adopts, a mask much like those that nobles wear at functions with others. A beautiful face to accompany an elegant dance of lies and deceit. He is actually rather sadistic, taking pleasure in battle and often saying graphic threats and insults in a cheery voice. Lies come as easily to his tongue as breathing, especially when it comes to his true goals. When he does let his guard down, it can be seen that there is some sadness in him in relation to his origins, as well as his aversion to talking about it. Despite his deceitful nature, his love for design and making clothes shines through always.


History: Olivier's past is one steeped in mystery, mostly due to his not wanting others to know his exact origins. There is a story circulating, however, of a son of a nobleman of the Imperial Dynasty leaving his family in order to take to the seas and serve under the forces of another empire. Taking the guise of a simple tailor and designer to blend in more, as well as a fake name. Another tale speaks of a slave to a noble family killing their master in cold blood before escaping the grasp of more slavers and those hunting him for murder, hiding out as a warrior in the order of bounty hunters that should be trying to track him down. Biding his time and waiting to take his revenge. However, these are just stories and in no way shed any light on where exactly Olivier came from.

Pirate Template

Race: Zireh
Clan: None
Ocean of Origin: Unknown (Possibly West)
Piracy: Bounty Hunter

Fame: B-Class
Specialization(s): Elite Rigger, Tailor
Starter Projectile Accelerator: Flintlock
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Faena Olivier
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