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This is a place for me to simply write all the ideas I have for my RP forum, Naruto Beginnings, down without clogging it.
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 Anansi of the Wicked Web

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PostSubject: Anansi of the Wicked Web   Mon Aug 06, 2018 3:27 pm

Arachne Archive of Puppetry - First Dynasty
The Black Order
Karasu -
Kuroari -
Sanshouo -

The ??? Order
The Hangman -
The Maiden -
The Bull -
The Scarecrow -
The Executioner -

The ??? Order
Skadi -
Hati -

Arachne Archive of Puppetry - Second Dynasty
The ??? Order
Arachne -
Medusa -
Shaula -

The Zodiac Order
To be named

The ??? Order
Osiris -
Isis -
Horus -
Set -
Nephthys -

Arachne Archive of Puppetry - Third Dynasty
The Seventh Order

The Gypsy -

The Hermit -

The Twins -

The Ghost -

The Maestro -

The Archon -

The Knight -

The ??? Order
??? -
??? -
??? -

Arachne Archive of Puppetry - Fourth Dynasty
The Sengoku Order
Satake -

Imagawa -

Takeda -

Toki -

Rokkaku -

ÅŒuchi -

Shimazu -

The ??? Order
??? -
??? -
??? -

Arachne Archive of Puppetry - Zeroth Dynasty
The ??? Order
??? = 4 [???]

The ??? Order
??? = 4 [???]

The Mysterious Order
Masked Ones = 6 [Human]

Cthugha of the Accursed Flame
*Original Name: Mei S. Erlang
*Rank: Unknown
*Elemental Sovereignty: Fire (Blaze, Ghost, Yugure)
*Reserves: Blood, Stamina, Chakra
*Special: Heterochromia; A. Itsugan & A. Kyougan

Dagon of the Blackened Sea
*Original Name: ??? Zakiyoshi
*Rank: Unknown
*Elemental Sovereignty: Water (Acid, Ghost, Aqua)
*Reserves: Blood, Stamina, Chakra
*Special: Bakufukugan (Shin?); Hydrification (Boil, Aqua)

Ithaqua of the Haunting Winds
*Original Name: ??? Kukinorite
*Rank: Unknown
*Elemental Sovereignty: Wind (Heat, Ghost, Air)
*Reserves: Blood, Stamina, Chakra
*Special: Fusion Road, Sky Regalia, Infinity Atmosphere

Hastur of the Hallowed Lightning
*Original Name: Diana Erlang
*Rank: Unknown
*Elemental Sovereignty: Lightning (Magnet, Ghost, Raiden)
*Reserves: Blood, Stamina, Chakra
*Special: Kami Raidengan (Black/White/Gray Raiden)

Nyarlathotep of the Cursed Earth
*Original Name: ??? Bakuhatsu
*Rank: Unknown
*Elemental Sovereignty: Earth (Diamond, Ghost, Clay)
*Reserves: Blood, Stamina, Chakra
*Special: ?? Birthmarks, ?? Hatsu Mouths; Dust Release (?)

Shub-Niggurath of the Bone Graveyard
*Original Name: ??? Kyojin
*Rank: Unknown
*Elemental Sovereignty: Life (Steel, Ghost, Cartilage)
*Reserves: Blood, Stamina, Chakra
*Special: TAT; Ruling House, Titan Shifter (Colossus)

The Mad Order
Great Old Ones = 5 [Human]

Death/Death the Kid - Madness of Order
Excalibur - Madness of Rage
Eibon - Madness of Knowledge
Asura - Madness of Fear
Name Pending - Madness of Power

The Daemon Order
Qeynan = 1 [Self]

Anansi of the Wicked Web
*Original Name: Qeynan Taki
*Aliases: The Mauve Spider, the Weaver, the Arachne
*Rank: "X"-Rank
*Life Core:
-Primary: Thread (Original)
-Secondary: Psionic
-Tertiary: Phase
-Quaternary: Vapor
-Quinary: Matter
*Reserves: Blood, Stamina, Chakra, Nen, Psycho, NE (?)
*Special: Jiongu, Ultra Genius Intellect, CM of the Arachne/Spider Sage Mode, Specialist Nuinjutsu
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Anansi of the Wicked Web
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