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 Anansi of the Wicked Web

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PostSubject: Anansi of the Wicked Web   Mon Aug 06, 2018 3:27 pm

Arachne Archive of Puppetry - First Dynastysc
The Black Order
Karasu - Offensive, Mid-Range
Kuroari - Supplementary, Long-Range
Sanshouo - Defensive, Short-Range

The ??? Order
The Hangman - Enfeebling, Short-Range
The Maiden - Capture, Close-Range
The Bull - Torture, Close-Range
The Scarecrow - Assault, Mid-Range
The Executioner - Assassination, Short-Range

The Warg Order
Skoll - Counter-Assault, Close-Range
Hati - Guerrilla, Close-Range

Arachne Archive of Puppetry - Second Dynasty
The Maiden Order
Arachne - Claws/Spiderlings, Taijutsu, Contact or Mid-Range
*Spider Blood [Spider Summon Venom* + Other Components + Qeynan's Blood]

Medusa - Bow, Kyujutsu, Long-Range
*Snake Blood [Snake Summon Venom* + Other Components + Qeynan's Blood]

Serqet - Stinger/Blades, Kenjutsu, Mid-Range
*Scorpion Blood [Scorpion Summon Venom* + Other Components + Qeynan's Blood]
*Note: Can be substituted for other equivalent poisons (from Fauna or other sources) until venom can be acquired.

The Zodiac Order
Scorpius - Deviljo Carves, Sanguine Fall, Blood Sealing Method
Capricornus - Rebidiora Carves, Lyrium, Crystal Sealing Method
Leo - Akantor Carves, Evaporation Corridor, Scorch Sealing Method
Taurus - Odibatorasu Carves, Blessed Earth, Earth Sealing Method
Pisces - Golden Ceadues Carves, Graviton Well, Gravity Sealing Method
Aquarius - Shanthien Carves, Everwater, Water Sealing Method
Cancer - Chameleos Carves, Sulphuric Fog, Boil Sealing Method
Sagittarius - Kirin Carves, Thunder Gem, Lightning Sealing Method
Libra - Rajang Carves, Ionic Stream, Plasma Sealing Method
Gemini - Kushala Daora Carves, Northern Wind, Wind Sealing Method
Virgo - Goa Magara Carves, Draconic Bone, Life Sealing Method
Aries - Alatreon Carves, Flickering Embers, Fire Sealing Method

The Demon Order
Osiris - "Paladin" Archetype
Isis - "Rogue" Archetype
Horus - "Warrior" Archetype
Set - "Mage" Archetype
Nephthys - "Cleric" Archetype

Arachne Archive of Puppetry - Third Dynasty
The Seventh Order

The Gypsy -

The Hermit -

The Twins -

The Ghost -

The Maestro -

The Archon -

The Knight -

The Tripartite Order
Selene - "The Moon in Heaven"
Artemis - "The Huntress on Earth"
Persephone - "The Destroyer in the Underworld"

Arachne Archive of Puppetry - Fourth Dynasty
The Sengoku Order
Satake -

Imagawa -

Takeda -

Toki -

Rokkaku -

ÅŒuchi -

Shimazu -

The Corvid Order
Badb -
Macha -
Nemain -

Arachne Archive of Puppetry - Zeroth Dynasty
The Bestial Order
Four Divine Symbols = 4 [Large]

Azure Dragon of the East (Acolyte Soul + Shah Dalamadur Body + ??? Living Weapon = Human Steed)
Vermilion Bird of the South (Xeres Soul + Demonic Seregios Body + ??? Living Weapon = Zireh Steed)
White Tiger of the West (Zenith Soul + Caliginous Zinogre Body + ??? Living Weapon = Nova Steed)
Black Turtle of the North (Spurious Soul + Jhen Mohran Body + ??? Living Weapon = Beast Steed)

The Kingly Order
Four Heavenly Kings = 4 [Human]

Jikoku-ten, the White King of the East (Ronin Soul + Samurai Soul + Ninja Soul = Acolyte Knight)
Zocho-ten, the Blue King of the South (Weaponkin Soul + Cypher Soul + Entity Soul = Xeres Knight)
Komoku-ten, the Red King of the West (Dakar Soul + Inkan Soul + Soulless Soul = Zenith Knight)
Tamon-ten, the Yellow King of the North (Faunus Soul + Summon Soul + Fauna Soul = Spurious Knight)

The Godly Order
*Note: This Order only exists while the Kingly and Bestial Orders are fused.

The Sapphire Knight and the Quartz Steed (Human Steed + Acolyte Knight = True Human Fusion)
The Ruby Knight and the Lapis Steed (Zireh Steed + Xeres Knight = True Zireh Fusion)
The Diamond Knight and the Garnet Steed (Nova Steed + Zenith Knight = True Nova Fusion)
The Obsidian Knight and the Topaz Steed (Beast Steed + Spurious Knight = True Beast Fusion)

The Mysterious Order
Masked Ones = 6 [Human]

Cthugha of the Accursed Flame
*Original Name: Mei S. Erlang
*Rank: Unknown
*Elemental Sovereignty: Fire (Blaze, Ghost, Yugure)
*Reserves: Blood, Stamina, Chakra
*Special: Heterochromia; A. Itsugan & A. Kyougan

Dagon of the Blackened Sea
*Original Name: ??? Zakiyoshi
*Rank: Unknown
*Elemental Sovereignty: Water (Acid, Ghost, Aqua)
*Reserves: Blood, Stamina, Chakra
*Special: Bakufukugan (Shin?); Hydrification (Boil, Aqua)

Ithaqua of the Haunting Winds
*Original Name: ??? Kukinorite
*Rank: Unknown
*Elemental Sovereignty: Wind (Heat, Ghost, Air)
*Reserves: Blood, Stamina, Chakra
*Special: Fusion Road, Sky Regalia, Infinity Atmosphere

Hastur of the Hallowed Lightning
*Original Name: Diana Erlang
*Rank: Unknown
*Elemental Sovereignty: Lightning (Magnet, Ghost, Raiden)
*Reserves: Blood, Stamina, Chakra
*Special: Kami Raidengan (Black/White/Gray Raiden)

Nyarlathotep of the Cursed Earth
*Original Name: ??? Bakuhatsu
*Rank: Unknown
*Elemental Sovereignty: Earth (Diamond, Ghost, Clay)
*Reserves: Blood, Stamina, Chakra
*Special: ?? Birthmarks, ?? Hatsu Mouths; Dust Release (?)

Shub-Niggurath of the Bone Graveyard
*Original Name: ??? Kyojin
*Rank: Unknown
*Elemental Sovereignty: Life (Steel, Ghost, Cartilage)
*Reserves: Blood, Stamina, Chakra
*Special: TAT; Ruling House, Titan Shifter (Colossus)

The Mad Order
Great Old Ones = 5 [Human]

Death/Death the Kid - Madness of Order
Excalibur - Madness of Rage
Eibon - Madness of Knowledge
Asura - Madness of Fear
Name Pending - Madness of Power

The Daemon Order
Qeynan = 1 [Self]

Anansi of the Wicked Web
Original Name: Qeynan Taki
Aliases: The Mauve Spider, the Arachne, The Weaver (Deity Name)
Rank: "X"-Rank
Race: Deity
Type: Pantheon Deity (Head)
Deities in Pantheon: Two
*Deity Release (Emotion)
*Deity Tier (Nature)
*Deity Item (To be announced)
Previous Race: Samurai
*Sword Elements: Thread, Paper, ???
*Style: Kirameku-Ha
*Clan: Taki
Previous Awakening: Reaper
*Scythe Element: ???
*Blade: ???
*Style: Kirameku-Ha
*System: Circulatory System (Blood Gain), Chakra Pathways (Chakra Gain), Nen Nodes (Nen Gain)
*Tiers: Speed, Barrier
*Boons: Nature Tier, Emotion Release and Boosted Nen Reserves
*Aspect of Intellect (Omniscience)
*Aspect of Manipulation (Advanced Puppetry)
*Aspect of Sanity (Can drain Sanity from others)
*Technique Breakthrough (Cthulhu) = Emotion Tech
-Access to Emotion Tech (Can Mimic Emotion Tech if seen in-battle & train them later)
*System: 90 Stamina (Demi-God), Partial Immortality (Unaging)
Life Core:
-Primary: Thread, Paper, ???, ??? (Original)
-Secondary: Psionic
-Tertiary: Phase
-Quaternary: Vapor
-Quinary: Matter
Special: Jiongu, Ultra Genius Intellect, Spider Sage Mode/Sanity Sage Mode/True Sanity Sage Mode, Specialist Nuinjutsu, Divinity (via assimilating Sheogorath)

Deity Passives:
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Posts : 74
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Age : 1919

PostSubject: Re: Anansi of the Wicked Web   Tue Sep 18, 2018 4:22 pm

AAoP - Zeroth Dynasty: The Daemon Order

Name: Anansi the Weaver
Size: Humanoid
Type: Human (Self)
Inner Layer

*Three Part - Framework ("Skeleton") + Seal Work ("Circulatory Systems") + Jiongu Threads
*Weaver Blood - Made from a fusion of materials using Qeynan's blood as a base. Capable of being reproduced without more actual blood being required.
*Grade VII Materials Integrated into body

Outer Composition:
Outer Shell

*Two Part - Durable Armor Layer ("Musculature") + Shell Coating ("Skin")
*Grade VII Materials Integrated into body



*Jiongu Threads etc etc


Raw - 4 Z-Ranks worth of Damage
Hybrid - 1 Z-Rank worth of Damage
Chakra - 2 SSS-Ranks worth of Damage
Mental - 2 SSS-Ranks worth of Damage
Physical - 2 SSS-Ranks worth of Damage
Spiritual - 1 SSS-Rank & 1 SS-Rank worth of Damage
Natural - 1 SSS-Rank & 1 SS-Rank worth of Damage
Chakra Conductibility - Z-Rank
Nen Conductibility - Z-Rank
NE Conductibility - SSS-Rank
Heat Resist -
Electricity Resist -
Intangible Affect -

Arsenal: 9 Slots (Max. 9)

Slot 1 [Body]: Life Cores

Slot 2 [???]: ???

Slot 3 [???]: ???

Slot 4 [???]: ???

Slot 5 [???]: ???

Slot 6 [???]: ???

Slot 7 [???]: ???

Slot 8 [???]: ???

Slot 9 [???]: ???

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Anansi of the Wicked Web
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