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This is a place for me to simply write all the ideas I have for my RP forum, Naruto Beginnings, down without clogging it.
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 Desiree Bellami

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PostSubject: Desiree Bellami   Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:40 am

Personal Info

Name: Desiree Bellami
Alias: -
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign:




Pirate Template

Race: Human (Ronin)
*Sub-Race: Demon
Ability: Muscial Puppetry - The user of this ability is capable of manipulating the movements of objects, such as puppets, or individuals through the projection of music. This can be used in a various number of ways, either through an instrument or the user's own voice, though as long as they are capable of making music in some way, shape or form, they are capable of using their ability.
Curse: Blind

Clan/Tribe: Rikigaku
Ocean of Origin: Frozen
Piracy: Bounty Hunter

Fame: D-Class
Specialization(s): Musician
Starter Projectile Accelerator: Hand-Cannon
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Desiree Bellami
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