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This is a place for me to simply write all the ideas I have for my RP forum, Naruto Beginnings, down without clogging it.
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PostSubject: Zireh Quartermaster Zanko   Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:12 am

Name: Dance of Death
Classification: Fighting Style
Original Rank: D
Count: 0/5
Current Rank: D
Class: All
Range: Self

Description: Dance of Death is a fighting style which was founded on five main styles of fighting; swordsmanship, archery, marksmanship, sharpshooting and demolition. All five are blended together to make a smooth flowing art of combat which flows like a dance each move being capable of being chained into another easily to make perhaps the most versatile of the five Zankokuna fighting styles, as they are capable of utilizing a vast arsenal of weaponry, mixing throwing techniques, hybridizing sword kata, refining targeting, counter sniping, incorporating explosives, applying combat concepts to different weapons amongst other effects by applying medical knowledge into the art of combat. The Dance of Death is constantly evolving as it isn't a set fighting style rather each Zankokuna clan member's Dance is unique which is based heavily around self improvement and the ability of a True All Taijutsu user to retrain this technique as well as Past Confrontation to incorporate the fighting styles that they have experienced first hand in their lifetime through combat. Each Rank gained through retraining allows the use of a sub-fighting style which opens up unique methods of physical combat revolving around certain aspects of the five styles which incorporate this dance.
(Insert Name)'s Dance Description: The Dance of Apollyon is a fighting style which incorporates all aspects of the Dance of Death yet likewise features quick, piercing strikes capable of intercepting other attacks with their impressive speed. Furthermore it has several supplementary uses, as the user is capable of performing a series of steps and complex maneuvers in order to modify the speed and power of their strikes, while also possessing a radius of perception around them that allows them to react to incoming attacks with ease. They are also capable of extending not only their attacks via their projected will, but also enhance their perception radius so that it reaches farther and rivals the perception of Time Slowing Dojutsu.
Sub-Fighting Styles Learned:
C - Epee Chanson (Step Chaining/Dances)
B - Tenmetsu-ko (High-speed Strikes)
A - Iaido (Interception/Out-speeding)
S - Geka Seido (Perception Radius)
SS - Displacement Aura (Attack Extension)
SSS - ???
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Zireh Quartermaster Zanko
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